Mr. Glasser Wins Teacher of the Year

Alex Castillo, Copy Editor

Downey High School bestowed the teacher of the year award onto Mr. Glasser, one of the school’s two AP US History teachers and sole AP Microeconomics teacher, on May 13 for his efforts in and out of the classroom setting. Glasser was overjoyed to receive his award and was surprised to walk out of campus at the end of the day to see his car covered in congratulatory post-it notes from students.


Glasser was educated at the University of California – Los Angeles and received a degree in both psychology and economics. Glasser decided to teach history and was hired by Downey High School in the 90s. He feels that he has worked hard to earn his title as teacher of the year and he contributes his win entirely to his students.


“I really appreciate helping students succeed both in the classroom and help them prepare for college and life in general,” Glasser said. “My mom who is a retired teacher told me that the ‘students keep you young’. I am so appreciative of the students and feel that I get more out of the relationship with them then I can give to them.”


Mrs. Neria, a psychology teacher in the classroom directly next door to Glasser, also believes that he is worthy of the award.


“I feel he earned teacher of the year because he knows the true meaning of being an educator. He talks to them about colleges and the challenges that will arise,” Neria said. “He is always there to listen to students. I have heard him talk to students who are concerned with their health or family situations. He shows true compassion and that is why I, and many, admire him.”


Mr. Glasser has not only left a strong impact on his colleagues but also his students. ASB member Samantha Vega, 11, recalls how she celebrated Glasser’s birthday.


“My favorite moment with Mr. Glasser was when Val, Carlos, and I stood after school to decorate his classroom on his birthday,” Vega said. “He was so surprised; the smile on his face was priceless.”


Glasser has made sure to make a deeper connection with his students by genuinely speaking with them and making sure they have what they need to succeed. He is not one to shy away from a challenge and finds new ways to make things work. His students admire him, and Glasser will continue to inspire young minds to be their best for years to come.