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Kimberly Dominguez

Kimberly Dominguez, News Editor

Seventeen-year-old Kimberly Dominguez is an avid writer and the News Editor at The Downey Legend. Although Dominguez has always enjoyed writing, it wasn’t until her teachers recommended her to expand on her writing skills that she decided to join the Online Newspaper. It is her first year on staff but she is enthusiastic about her position and she states, “I want to put my very best effort in my work.” Aside from writing, Dominguez also enjoys playing softball and drawing. Friendly and optimistic, she believes that no dream is too difficult for anyone, and therefore is intolerant of low self-esteem in others. The News Editor values and cherishes family and lives by the advice her parents have given her: “Keep moving on. Clocks keep ticking and time will never stop for you.”

After high school, Dominguez plans on going to a state college in California and then hopes to transfer to a UC college after a couple of years. She aims to work in the Behavioral Analyst Unit for the FBI, where she can question criminals and learn more about their thoughts. She is preparing for this by studying Psychology, and she is also taking Sociology and Philosophy. Another dream of hers is to open a humane animal shelter with plenty of play areas and no metal cages. In the meantime, Dominguez hopes to express her writing skills through The Downey Legend and enjoy her last year at Downey High.



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Kimberly Dominguez