Five Questions with Derek Smith (D-reck)


Kimberly Dominguez, News Editor

Q1: What sparked your interest in the music industry?

A1: Well, literally my whole family is in to music: my mom, dad, cousins, everyone, so it was hard not to become interested in it.


Q2: Where has your music career taken you?

A2: Definitely it’s taking me places. I have come out in music videos, and a movie, as well as my own music videos. My music has also led me to meet several famous people like Nick Cannon, YG, Tyga, and New Boys.


Q3: When the going gets tough, who do you look to for support?

A3: I definitely go to my family for support, especially my older sister. They put a lot of time and money into me and always keep my head up no matter what goes on.


Q4: Why did you choose to compose a song about Jabari Ruffin?

A4: Our age group does some impressive things, like Jabari Ruffin for example. After Mr. Harris asked me to write a song for him, I accepted and began composing. Growing up with him, I realized he was not a friend—he was family, so the song became even that much more important for me to compose.

Q5: What are some of the obstacles you have had to overcome?

A5: The biggest obstacle I’ve had to overcome with my music was breaking up my group and having to start over by myself. Another obstacle would be threats. I’ve had anywhere from very serious threats to minor ones simply saying they want to beat me up. I feel like these won’t keep me from composing my music. I want to be famous and have my music heard.