Five Questions with Dallas Lopez


Kimberly Dominguez, News Editor

Q1: What is the Powder Puff Football Game?

A1: Basically, it’s a group of girls, juniors and seniors, who volunteer to play football. It’s a fun and competitive game that allows us to positively represent the class that corresponds to them. In this instance the guys are cheerleaders, so definitely this is a fun game.


Q2: What is your role within this game?

A2: I am the assistant head coach, so I make sure everything is organized and that the girls know their positions.


Q3: How many girls are playing this year?

A3: There are sixty-six seniors, which is like two times more than last year. There are a lot of juniors too but I’m not sure exactly how many there are.


Q4: How do you feel about the Powder Puff?

A4: I like it because when I grow up I want to teach and coach. It gives me a chance to coach and see what I need more practice on. I like the feeling of being a good role model, and the feeling you get when you have a positive outcome is great.


Q5: What do you think the outcome will be?

A5: I always think I’m going to win, and that’s just me. So, I think the seniors are going to win. It will be a good game, and I hope a lot of people come out and watch it. I know the juniors will give us a good run, but I know we are going to come out as winners.