They work together, they live together

Kimberly Dominguez, News Editor

DHS has some teachers that miss their spouses during work.; however, for the Warhursts, Overgauuws,  the Sanders, and the Beans, that is not an issue because they work on the same campus as their spouses.


Test coordinator Heidi Warhurst and math teacher Grant Warhurst have been married for a month shy of fourteen years.


“When kids find out, they think it’s funny that we’re married,” Mr. Warhurst said. “[The students] didn’t know.”


After long days at work, they often go home and talk about how their day went. According to Mrs. Warhurst:


“[The benefit of working together] is that we know the characters involved when we talk about work.”


Even though this couple has worked together at Downey since 1992, they hardly see each other at school.


Another DHS team is the Overgauuw duo.  Although they have been married for eight years, this couple has been working together for eleven years. Like the Warhursts, the Overgauuws hardly see each other at work, as they are on opposite ends of the campus. The separate lunches do not work in their favor either.


“Unless we make plans to see each other at school, “ Mrs. Overgauuw said, “we typically don’t.”


Their benefit of working together is during certain seasons they can carpool; nonetheless, the couple usually drives separately. Another advantage is that they get to have vacation together due to the fact that they get the same days off.


Counselor Nicole Sanders and social sciences teacher Stephen Sanders have different jobs, and after working at DHS for 15 years, they tied the knot about two and a half years ago. Both have busy schedules and they also do not get to see each other as much as they would like to.


“I have met a lot of great people through her at DHS that I would not have known if we had never become a couple,” Mr. Sanders said.

Nevertheless with the Sanders having the same work hours as most of the staff, they spend more time together during vacation.



Wedded for ten years and working together for eight, Jason and Josette Bean are yet another marriage that benefits from working together.


“We rarely see each other at work, but when we do I just swoon—he’s so dreamy,” Mrs. Bean said.


Again the main pro of having the same career choice and location for the Beans is carpooling because of today’s sky rocketing gas prices.


With the drive to educate young minds being a commonality in the lives of these duos, they can surely gain from their spouses at home and at work.