Five Questions with Oscar Heredia


Kimberly Dominguez, News Editor

Q1: What is video production?

A1: In a sense it’s like yearbook in videos because we attend a lot of school events and cover a lot of highlight videos for sports and dances. It gives those who were not able to attend a chance to see what they missed by going on to our DHS YouTube account.


Q2: What is your position in this class?

A2: I am president. My job is to overlook all upcoming events and assign people to go record it and create the video.


Q3: What is the most memorable moment that you have been involved in because of video production?

A3: Because we are meeting a lot of new people and keeping connections, we have many, but the most memorable had to be the volleyball team experience. We went with them everywhere, to every game, even up north. We became really close to the players and coaches.



Q4: What made you join this class?

A4: It was because of my friend, Eliseo Juarez, that I joined this class. He thought that I would be perfect for getting in front of the camera with the whole news reporter thing, and I am so happy he brought me in. I love this class


Q5: What are the requirements for being in the video production class?

A5: You have to be experienced with computers. That is pretty much it. As long as you are comfortable with iMovie and computers.