Five Questions with Adriana Castrejon


Kimberly Dominguez, News Editor

Q1: What does cheer mean to you?

A1: Cheer is having spirit no matter what, even if the team is losing, and never giving up, even if the tumbling pass is difficult. It’s a desire that needs to be satiated by accomplishment.


Q2: How was it introduced to you?

A2: In middle school when I saw the cheerleaders on stage, and on TV when I watched the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders perform.


Q3: What is your favorite cheer moment at DHS?

A3: The rallies are the best because we have a chance to pump up the crowd. If you get them to stand up and cheer with you, you know you’ve done your job well.


Q4: Are you planning on continuing cheer on a professional level?

A4: I want to join an all-star team in college because I can’t imagine my life without cheer.


Q5: What’s something from cheer that will stick with you all your life?

A5: Never giving up. If you can’t get the crowd to cheer with you, keep trying. If you can’t hit a stunt, keep attempting to persevere. It has also taught me to never settle with something you know you can do better on.