Sparks of romance flew in the back office of S-26


Staff members Jack and Cynthia Andreasen, formerly known as Miss Foley, recently tied the knot on Aug. 6 in Las Vegas, NV. The couple sparked a love interest at the Downey’s Best Dance Crew competition in 2010.

Kimberly Dominguez, News Editor

After falling in love, bookkeeper Cynthia Foley and security guard Jack Andreasen exchanged wedding rings and vows on Aug.6 in Las Vegas.

No one really knows where love can be found or how it happens. This was exactly the case with this couple. During the 2010 Downey’s Best Dance Crew competition, Andreasen and Foley exchanged words when a couple of girls from Yearbook asked the security guard to unlock the door to the back office in S-26. Since they were in the middle of a conversation, Foley decided to join them for the short walk to the classroom. While in the office, the Yearbook girls got what they needed while the co-workers began looking through the old yearbooks looking for James Hetfield’s photograph. At some point, the girls left, leaving Foley and Jack alone. It was sometime during the flipping of pages when Foley got the feeling she wanted Andreasen to kiss her, however, this split second vanished and was replaced by a state of confusion.

“I really wanted to kiss her, but we were at work,” Andreasen stated. “Sparks flew in that room and it was there that I asked her on our first date.”

After a couple of outings, Andreasen and Foley began to inch their way closer and closer to each other’s hearts. Love was beginning to plant its seed and blossom for all to see.

“I’m glad they’re together,” security guard Dave Evans said. “There has to be love there.”

It was March 11, 2011 during that year’s Downey’s Best Dance Crew competition ––just a year after the flying sparks–– and Andreasen and Emily, Foley’s daughter, had a surprise waiting for Foley. Although Andreasen wanted to decorate the back office with balloons and flowers, Emily’s softball game did not allow it, decoration was impossible.

“I wanted to marry this lady,” Andreasen said, “and I was going to propose to her that night, no matter what got in the way!”

Just like that, Emily asked Andreasen and her mother if she could see the yearbooks they were looking through last year. While in the back office, Foley scanned the yearbooks in search of Hetfield’s picture to show her daughter. Once she turned around though, she saw Andreasen down on one knee.

“Of course I will,” Foley said.

The engaged couple wanted a small wedding; nonetheless, their Aug. 6 wedding turned out to be a big event. The marriage took place at night in an outdoor garden gazebo. Because the bride and groom got married at the Flamingo hotel in Las Vegas, they chose the colors hot pink, black, and silver along with little flamingos as their decoration theme. With Emily as Maid of Honor and Andreasen’s grandfather as Best Man, the married couple could not have been any happier.

A week later the newlyweds honeymooned in the Bahamas. Moreover, a week after that, Andreasen and Foley had their reception back home where they danced the night away.


“Honestly, I think they are really adorable because they don’t really act weird around each other.” senior Kimberly Matamoros said, “They just seem right; you can’t see one without thinking about the other. They are a power couple!”

Love can apply itself at anytime and for Mr. and Mrs. Andreasen, it all started with “flying sparks” in the back office of S-26.