A year of restoration


This upcoming spring, Downey High School begins another project to modernize the administration building and the Z bungalows will later be removed as well. The district allotted $13 million that had been owed to the school for the campus additions.

Kimberly Dominguez, News Editor


Along with the new year came new aspirations, new resolutions, and new plans for renovations.

With chipping paint, faded canvases, and rusty steel, the administrative building, along with others, has become far too outdated. Principal Tom Houts’ office is the oldest administration building in the district, and the space in the counselors’ office is tight. Both the B and C buildings are new, yet they stand next to a building that is old-fashioned. Plans were made to begin construction years ago; however, they were put on hold because of budget cuts. Luckily, a thirteen million dollar check, that was owed, was received in order to set these plans back into action.

“I think [the renovation] is good because the B and C buildings need improved ones around them,” senior Joseph Guerrero said. “I am excited but kind of bummed because I’m going to be out of school by the time the construction is done.”

The B and C buildings are each 45,000 square feet, and the new building (which will take approximately two years to complete) will be 60,000 square feet. This massive two-story structure will host all administrators, counselors, attendance office employees, the nurse, and 27 other classrooms including photo and foods. In addition to this, the O and Q buildings will also be knocked down in order to extend the cement further into the school and turn it into a turn-around driveway.

“It is going to be different and weird because of all the student traffic that may occur due to the construction, but I’m sure it is all for the best,” junior Alejandra Guillen said.

After the completion of these plans, the Z bungalows, the garden, and the pond will be removed due to the addition of an Automotive Technology building. At 15,000 square feet big, this building will take the place of the empty lot, and it will only take eighteen months to complete. With the finalizations of this project, a new smaller garden, along with a deeper and smaller pond, will be recreated.

“I feel this is a much needed improvement, and it will go well with the other renovations,” security Barry Baldwin said. “It will be better for security because everything will be in one general area.”

The construction will commence this spring. The faculty in the main office, attendance office, nurse’s office, and those in the L building will be placed in bungalows in the south parking lot. This means less space for everyone to make way for the construction. These renovations will also temporarily hurt some clubs because there will be no swap meets.

“I don’t mind it because in order for there to be change, we have to compromise at times,” student counselor Jayro Roman said.

In life there are things that will make one a bit uncomfortable, yet in the long run it can have benefits. These temporary detours can turn out to be the restorations needed to strive. After 2014, Downey High will never look the same again.