A Change for the Better

Kimberly Dominguez, News Editor

Walking around the campus this school year is the new administrator, Ms. Julie Main.

A new school year almost always consists of the same ingredients: good attitudes, new supplies, and avid willingness to learn fill the campus breeze; however, something this year is different. There is a new member in the Viking crew.

With twenty years of experience in education, skillful Ms. Main has the innovative and strong embellishment of an attitude the school needed. Being an administrator is a new field for her; nevertheless, she is determined to execute her job and do it well. Happiest when surrounded by students, she is looking forward to meeting and becoming involved with more of them.

“The first time I met [Ms. Main] was when we were setting up for the first day of school,” senior David Hamilton said. “I like how she didn’t only tell us what to do, but helped us complete the task hands on.”

She started her career as a teacher at Warren High School, and later landed a career as a counselor at Griffiths Middle School, where she stayed for thirteen years. Finally, she ended up at DHS.

“I left Griffiths because I missed High School,” Ms. Main said. “I had been a counselor for so long; I wanted a change.”

Optimistic Ms. Main has enjoyed her time at Downey. With the help of students, teachers and staff, she is becoming familiar with the campus.

“I love the way that the history and hall of fame is celebrated at DHS,” Main said. “There is a real sense of pride in being a Viking.”

Walking around with a smile and her confidence held up high, almost everyone has noticed her.

“Ms. Main is fitting in with the Downey staff very well,” administrator Lisa Lucke said. “She is doing great.”

Raised in Bell Gardens and Downey, the new Viking loves being a local. She has four kids, and when she is not at Downey she enjoys cheering on her kids at their games.

Being new is not fun; stopping her sometime to let her know she is doing a good job could truly bump up her confidence.