Five Questions with Alex Soto

Kimberly Dominguez, News Editor

Q1. What led you to contact and listen to Andra Bellamy, the Staff Sergeant of the United States Army recruiters?

A1. One word—economy. I looked at all of my options and thought about what I was going to do with all the college bills. Looking at how the economy is what also gave me incentive to go hear Andra. It led me to listen to what the Army had to offer.


Q2. Once you heard what was offered, what caught your attention the most?

A2. The amount of benefits was overwhelming. There were way more pros than cons. So many options caught my attention in the Army specifically.


Q3. What position/ job will you pursue within the Army?

A3. I scored 90 out of 100 on my ASVAB (Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery) which is a test that pretty much measures your intelligence and abilities to a certain MOP (Military Occupational Specialty). Because of my score, I pretty much qualified for any MOP; nevertheless, I chose to be a combat medic. I fix the wounded and at the same time I fight, hence the name combat medic.


Q4. What do you hope the Army will do for you as a person/ for your future?

A4. As a person, I think it would make me a more disciplined individual. It brings a sense of brotherhood into your life because you experience certain things with them that you wouldn’t with your family. I know in most circumstances the squad is your family. As for my future, if I play my cards right, I will be a homeowner at twenty-one. I will also be able to go back to school for free. When I go to the DHS school reunion I will be a successful homeowner and individual overall.


Q5. Would you recommend for others to enlist? Why or why not?

A5. Always! If you’re a girl that wants to be in the Army you are most likely taking steps already. Most guys, on the other hand, don’t know what they are doing or going to do with their lives. I push them to talk to a recruiter. I also hit those people with broken families because the Army becomes your family. Andra is like a father figure, and we can talk about anything. The Army is my family.