5 Questions with Matthew Loftis

Celine Spence, Public Relations

Senior Matthew Loftis tells about his experience shadowing a veterinarian at a local clinic over the summer and why he would like to pursue a similar career.


Q1: What about this career captivated you?

A1: I’m extremely interested in anything to do with zoology, animal physiology, animal medicine/rehabilitation, and ecology. The opportunity to volunteer at a local clinic was my best/closest chance I could get to partaking in my interest. The sheer amount of technology and medicinal practices as well as being able to observe first hand animal anatomy drew me to this opportunity.


Q2: Who was it that you shadowed? What were your first impressions and how did they compare to your expectations?

A2: I shadowed a doctor of veterinary medicine who has been practicing for over 20 years at a local clinic. My first impressions were how stressful this job could be, and it is VERY stressful. Whether it be interacting with sometimes hostile, naive owners or the fact that one mistake can endanger the lives of staff or animal.

Q3: What was the most appealing aspect of the job?

A3: Besides being able to partake in my interest, the most appealing part of the job was seeing the amount of gratitude and thankfulness the doctor and staff received through gifts or just clients who kept coming back.


Q4: When did you know this is what you wanted to do?

A4: Although I’ve always appreciated animals and nature, I was never set on working in that field. I just jumped on the limited offer of being able to work with a staff dedicated to working with some of my interest.


Q5: Where do you plan on going to school? Why?

A5: As I have been applying for college, I’ve been trying to apply to places that offer the most exposure to field biology/ecology like Humboldt State, located in the middle of the forest, or San Diego, which has access to multiple nature reserves and animal rehab establishments and hopefully the local UCs to get the best education I can manage.