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Celine Spence
Being her first year on Downey High School’s online newspaper staff, The Downey Legend, 17 year-old Celine Spence wants to experience writing and working for public relations/business. “I hope to get a lot out of working for public relations,” Spence said.” I want to be proud of my work and outcome.” She wants to major in public relations, which is one reason why she joined Newspaper. Spence wants to challenge herself. Planning and other work will have her moving non-stop, besides her extracurricular activities.

During her spare time, Spence loves to listen to One Direction and 5 Seconds of Summer. Spence’s elective of choice was to join the school’s Jazz/Marching Band, where plays the trumpet and is the section leader. She is also Vice President of the Sprench club. Besides school, she is part of a family of five and is half English and half Caribbean. Last but not least, she hopes to study in England in the future.


Celine Spence, Public Relations

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Celine Spence