Homecoming is back!

Eliseo Payan, Photographer / Videographer

Homecoming is happening at Downey High school after a whole two years of not being able to have one. Students are finally able to enjoy important events that were not able to happen due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. But several questions arise such as, “how are students going to prevent the spread of Covid while still having the fun of going to a dance?” and  “what do students think of homecoming becoming a reality this year ?”


Brody Urzua, 12, is interested in how the homecoming dance is going to happen. Urzua wonders how homecoming is going to be since it’s going to be held at the Downey High school quad. “It’s interesting for a homecoming dance to use the theme of space and there’s a lot of possibilities with the decorations. Most homecoming dances I see use Paris as their theme but it’s nice to see something new,” Urzua stated.