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Eliseo Payan

Eliseo Payan, Photographer / Videographer

Entering his first year in The Downey Legend, Eliseo Payan, 12, an extroverted and outgoing individual who enjoys making jokes, talking to people, and lightening the mood, Payan is ready to put his best effort into what he loves most; photography. Photography instantly became one of his passions as he was able to capture the environment around him and turn it into art. Though photography is one of his passions, he also enjoys many other hobbies, such as painting, singing, and acting. Although he is unsure of his major, he strives to go to college and get a career with as much creative freedom as possible to express and explore his creativity.


As someone who is very passionate about their hobbies, Payan enjoys many activities that include interacting with the world around him. “My main passion is photography and capturing the beauty of the world around me no matter how simple it may be, there is always something- a meaning behind it,” Payan stated. “The unique thing about photography is how you can take anything through the lense of a camera and keep it forever. The Downey Legend  was the perfect opportunity to take advantage of what I like most and show it to my community.”

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Eliseo Payan