What do Students think about the Pronoun Pins?

Eliseo Payan, Photographer / Videographer

Pronoun pins are going to be offered during both lunches for students to have these pins clipped on their bags and their shirts. These pins will include the pronouns he/him ,she/her, they/them, xim,and xem. Link crew started handing these pins for more inclusivity for students to be comfortable sharing their preferred pronouns with comfort. Students will be able to get their hands on these pins February 15th-16th. 


I Interviewed a few students to see their opinions on these pins. Natalie Lopez, 12, thinks the pins are a good idea because it’ll make people more comfortable and proud by what pronouns they use. Lopez also express her Gratitude for the idea of pronouns on id’s have names on it saying “I think IDs should have their pronouns,  so It can be more helpful to the students”


Mayely Borrayo,12, is excited to get one of these pins because it’ll bring more inclusiveness for people that use different pronouns. Borrayo thinks it’ll be a great idea for the school to do these pins each semester “I think it would be nice to do something annually. especially because we don’t have pride month during the school year, I feel like it’s a nice reminder/ way to show our pride.”


Juan Magaña,12, is looking forward to the pins because it’ll show the school’s support for people that use different pronouns. Magaña believes that pronouns on id cards would be good stating “If someone wants their pronouns on their I’d card then all the power to them. Pronouns are held very close to people’s identity so having them on the card will make them more comfortable”


Overall the pronoun pins have been a very helpful thing that has made people be able to be comfortable with their pronouns. Students now have the chance to express their pronouns so that others don’t have to make sure that they are not assuming or misgendering other students.