Lalisa Manoban Solo Debut

Eliseo Payan, Photographer / Videographer

Lalisa Manbon or also known as Lisa, one of the most famous K-pop idols on the planet, has an astounding 59 million followers on Instagram. She is ¼ of the girl group Blackpink and also the third member to make her debut on September 10, 2021. She is breaking records left and right, she recently broke the pre-order record and according to Soompi, she has surpassed 700,000 sales for her album even before the album was released. Lisa is the lead rapper, sub-vocalist, and main dancer of the group. 


Iris Vargas, 12, a K-pop fan, is very excited about Lisa’s solo debut. Vargas thinks that Lisa’s solo will be chic and edgy based on all the teasers that have been released on Lisa’s Instagram. I’m really excited for her solo debut so we can see a new side of Lisa that is different from Blackpink.  I’m looking forward to the type of song she’ll put out,” Vargas stated.


Curious about what Lisa’s solo will sound like Erika Arteaga 11, a K-pop fan, is super excited for the debut. Arteaga thinks that visuals look really good and futuristic. Arteaga believes that Lisa will both sing and rap because of Lisa’s talent in both. “I want to go in with a clean and open mind so I can be bombarded with Lisa’s talent. I’m super happy that Lisa got her debut and can’t wait to see what Lisa comes up with.” 


Super excited for Lisa’s solo debut, Mayely Borrayo, 12, a K-pop fan and track athlete theorizes that the debut will have a very strong expression of Lisa’s strong force. Borrayo is excited to see Lisa take a big step toward showing more of her artistry. Borrayo stated her hopes for Lisa solo saying ,“I think or more hope we can hear just how lovely her singing is while she is a strong rapper her singing power is just as much”