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Jaclyn Urzua

Jaclyn Urzua, Co-Copy Editor

Jaclyn Urzua, 12, returns to The Downey Legend after having participated in photography, videography, and podcasting the year prior. Along with The Downey Legend, Urzua is also involved on campus by being a part of the Downey track team. She has been in track since 8th grade and is a jumper in events such as the high jump, long jump, and triple jump. Urzua was inspired to start doing track after watching the Olympics and having one of her older brothers in track. After seeing her older brother compete, she fell in love with track and has dedicated her 4 years at Downey High School to the sport. Urzua has a positive attitude in everything she does and has goals of attending Cal State Fullerton. She also wants to  pursue a career in nursing, and become a licensed makeup artist. 


Urzua has a passion for expressing herself through makeup. “I loved watching videos, I was the biggest makeup lover since I was a kid” Urzua stated, “When I finally got to start actually doing it when I was probably 12 or 13 I wasn’t really good, but I was just happy that I got to start.”  

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Jaclyn Urzua