Long Term Symptoms of Covid-19

Jaclyn Urzua, Videographer

It has been over a year since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. It hit the U.S. in late Feb. and caused a serious shutdown. At the time, many researchers were trying to figure out the information behind the virus since it was fairly new to us. There were so many things we did not know about the virus, one of the things was the impact on an individual’s body system after their recovery. 


COVID-19 affected a large percentage of the world’s population, not only did it strike on healthy individuals but also people with underlying diseases.  Little did we know, that was the beginning of something we have never imagined before. 


Individuals started to notice that they didn’t feel 100% after their recovery from covid. Due to the different symptoms and range of sickness, it led to distinct signs on how people felt in the aftermath. Coughing and/or sneezing is a main symptom that is commonly known to latch onto people. People like artist Olga Naranjo had symptoms that were much more complex than the symptoms a majority of people had. 


“After Covid I had the following symptoms: fatigue, brain fog, dry cough, hair loss, loss of sense in taste and smell, and headaches.” Naranjo says. “The best thing I can do is take everything one day at a time. I cope with pain, and fatigue differently to improve my physical and mental health.” 


Not only did she have severe symptoms, but there were also others that were dealing with the same thing but from a social point of view. Local businessman Ralph Rivera’s result of his covid experience has led him to get kicked out of places due to his extreme cough. He has seen doctors, gotten x-rays, and medications to help the problem.  


“The current symptoms I have do not feel anything like when I had Covid, but it still worries me which is why I continue to monitor the symptoms with my doctor.” Rivera said. “I have tried multiple medications and nothing has helped, my doctor just tells me it will take time for it to go away.”


Researchers still do not know the exact reason why the lingering effects are still there after Covid, but what is known is that those who had the virus either do or do not get them due to how strong their immune system is. Someone such as Katia Arriaga did not experience the long term effects but her relatives did. 


“I noticed that I had body aches that lasted for a while after being sick. I thankfully didn’t feel any other symptoms after.” Arriaga said. “Although I know two of my family members whose senses changed drastically. Both had a change in taste and smell. Things they enjoyed eating are just bland and they can’t smell themselves.”


From different perspectives on the long term symptoms, it shows how Covid affects individuals in many ways. It has also caused some effects on society that has caused individuals to look at Covid and the world in a different way. Hopefully in the future there will be techniques and/or medications that could help individuals with their lingering symptoms