Hispanic Heritage Month

Jaclyn Urzua , Videographer

When people are asked about Hispanic Heritage Month, they are most likely in shock or confused because they probably do not know much about it. The common thing they will ask the interviewer is this question, “There’s a Hispanic Heritage Month?” The answer is yes, and they’ll get to learn more about this cultural and historical month


This occasion is celebrated from Sep. 15 to Oct. 15. Throughout the month, the amazing cultures are represented and celebrated to the people, and it is a great way to learn about the different Latino/Hispanic countries. 


When it was first celebrated, it began as Hispanic heritage week in 1968. In 1988, President Ronald Reagan officially changed it to Hispanic Heritage Month. The reason why Sept. 15 is the starting date for this occasion is because it is the same day as Independence Day for Costa Rica, Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua.


This month is a great way to embrace the Latino cultures in many ways. There are many foods you can try that help bring the cultures and traditions together just like a family get-together. Many families are known to pass down their recipes to their loved ones so that the tradition continues in the future.


In a Mexican household, many traditions are brought together with the family. Playing exciting games such as Loteria (similar to Bingo), hitting the piñata, or even cooking and eating brings a lot of joy. On Mexico’s Independence Day, Sept. 16, Mexico City hosts a huge celebration every year with folklorico dancers, music, food, and ending the day with fireworks. 


All the Latino countries have a lot of interesting traditions that most people would not even know about. Hispanic Heritage Month really brings people together, and it is a great opportunity for others to learn about the cultures.


Women are known to be the first Latina for many things. Blanca Pacheco, for example, is the first Latina to serve as the Mayor of Downey in 2020. She was the first Latina elected to the Downey City Council in 2016 and has grown from that ever since. Another inspirational person coming from a Latino background is Mario Molina, a Mexican chemist. He was the first Mexican/Latino to win a Nobel Prize in Chemistry back in 1995. These people are just a few of the many Latinos that have accomplished the greatest of things.


As a person coming from a Mexican background, this cultural month really makes me proud of where I came from and fills me with joy that I can celebrate wonderful traditions. So many cultures are being presented in a beautiful way and this month will forever be a historical month that will never change.