Let’s Pumpkin it up this Fall!

Ashley Vera, Photographer

With many coffee shops coming out with seasonal fall drinks, they are becoming increasingly popular among Downey students like Nathan Estrada,12. “I would say Starbucks has the strong pumpkin flavor and strongest coffee,” Estrada stated. “But overall Dunkin’ is my preferred because it is not as strong but it’s strong enough and the quality overall is better”.  


Other seniors agree with Estrada like Richard Solis, 12. “I would go with Dukin’ because it’s a lot cheaper than  Starbucks,” Solis stated. “Also McDonald’s pumpkin iced coffee doesn’t even compare, it’s just a no for me.” 


Many students from Downey say otherwise, they prefer Starbucks, like Jennifer Chavez, 12. “I would go with Starbucks because it has more of a pumpkin spice flavor.” Chavez stated.


Since the pandemic nothing was the same anymore, once these drinks came back it has turned everyone’s frown upside down.