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Ashley Vera

Ashley Vera, Photographer

Starting her first year apart The Downey Legend as a photographer, Ashley Vera, 12, is very passionate about helping others as much as she can, by being a part of ‘Link Crew’ here on campus. She hopes to continue being a good samaritan after high school. Vera is planning on expanding her academic career and wants to start off her career in pediatric oncology at the University of Irvine, and then transfering to UCLA after to expand her career. Outside of school hours, Vera loves to watch and play softball. As a kid, she actually started off as a dancer, but she went on to share how something about softball just ‘clicked’ for her and she has been playing ever since. She believes that the thing that made her talented at the sport with a great amount of practice.


“Practice makes you better, not perfect.” Vera explains. “Because nobody is perfect.”

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Ashley Vera