Hoco 2021: What do students think?

Ashley Vera, Photographer

Since the pandemic, most of our school activities have been cancelled due to Covid-19. But knowing that we are having Homecoming this year gives us a big thrill since we are at least having a fun school event. By interviewing students from around campus, they were asked to give their opinions on Hoco being at school. 


When asked about their feelings about Homecoming this year, Anthony Saenz, 9, responded, “ I don’t like the idea of Hoco being at school this year, it would be better if it was outside of school, it would be more fun.”


Although many people don’t like the idea of Hoco being at school, there’s still over 1,000 people going. With that comes the main concern, ticket prices. 


Saenz expresses his concerns on this.’“ Yes, the prices are overpriced because, if the event was at a nice venue and a longer event, I would understand why the prices are high,” Saenz explains. “But the event is only a couple hours, and it’s at school, just too much money.” 


There are other students who say otherwise, and who don’t agree with Saenz. Joel Pineda, 10, says “It would be better that Homecoming is here at school, because I like the environment of the school”. 


With Covid still being here a lot of students still don’t feel safe about going to any school events. Many students don’t want to go due to the prices of the tickets. Saenz and Pineda both agree with each other on that aspect. But upperclassmen say otherwise. Israel Rodriguez, 12, says “I want to go because it’s my last year here, the prices don’t really matter to me.”  Lowerclassmen choose not to go, because they have a few more years to go and they will have another dance to go to.”


Although there are split opinions on certain aspects of the dance, the 2021 Homecoming dance is a sign of normalcy for DHS students who spent almost 2 years online. The dance will take place on October 16, 2021 at 8:00 pm with an  ‘Over the Moon’ theme.