CTE Programs: Photo

Photo 1&2 and Digital Imaging classes are taught by Ms. Ronda Cordova and Ms. Michelle Napoli on the Downey High School campus. Here, students get a chance to express themselves through the art of photography as well as learn employable skills that will aid them in their future careers. These values are especially embodied by Downey High students and winners of the Foot Locker Sneaker Photography Contest: Alejandro Salinas, 12, Brenda Torres, 12, and Megan Sanchez, 12. Students were challenged to put their knowledge to the test through contest entries which allowed them to explore their creativity and apply their technical skills. “Being told that it was a really nice photo and that I should take it [photography] seriously makes me really consider that,” Salinas said.  Torres, a Digital Imaging student and second place contest winner, says her favorite part of the course are the assignments, as “there are no wrong answers, you can be creative and do whatever you want.” Torres has determined that she would enjoy pursuing a career in graphic design and has learned valuable skills such as using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, in which she is able to “crop out, change the filter, and coloring of the images.”