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Samantha Ramirez, Writer

First year staff member Samantha Ramirez, 11, joins The Downey Legend as a writer in hopes of gaining experience in the newsroom. With aspirations of becoming a Multimedia and Explanatory journalist in the future, Ramirez hopes to tackle serious and intimidating topics such as mental health here in her time with The Downey Legend as well as bringing awareness. On campus, Ramirez values her studies as she juggles various AP classes and joins her second semester of CSF. Apart from her analytical persona, she enjoys various hobbies such as drawing, painting, reading, listening to rock music, and even playing the guitar which is a skill she has recently picked up. With a hardworking and determined mindset, Ramirez also believes that it is crucial to always do the best for yourself and put forth work that you feel proud of.


When asked about what she hopes to achieve in the newsroom, Ramirez shares her empathetic and caring perspective on storytelling. “Every story is worth telling,” Ramirez said. “Everyone deserves to be heard regardless of the gravity of the situation.”

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Samantha Ramirez