CTE Programs: Automotive

Auto Tech is a course that promotes innovative thinking, teamwork, and assists students in embarking on a possible career path. Two students who are recognized for exceeding in the program are seniors Mailyn Diaz and Jayden Ramirez.  Diaz is indecisive about her career choice, but shared that automotive has provided her with useful skills to implement in her future. Diaz also conveys her deep appreciation for the program. “Automotive really inspires me and allows me to express myself,” Diaz said. 


As another experienced automotive student, Ramirez  revealed that he will be pursuing a career in correlation to the course. “The career path I decided to take was enlisting in the United States Marines,” Ramirez stated, “I will be working on and maintaining aircraft engines.” As a student who challenges himself, Ramirez is deciding to go big, working with aircraft engines (as opposed to dealing with car parts like he does in the class now). “It has been a starting point because it doesn’t just show me the basics, but it dives deeper into more intermediate skills and tool usage.” Although the basis of automotive emphasize the etiquette of students’ ability to be hands-on in the classroom, Ramirez shared that, “It has taught me to think in a completely different way.” Automotive assists students not only academically but gives a sense of belonging.