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Andre Lucas
One of the writers at Downey High School for The Downey Legend newspaper is Andre Lucas, 11.  As English is one of his favorite subjects, he has grown to have a passion for writing and loves to read biographies in his free time. After high school, Lucas plans to attend college and study business to major in financial services. His goal in life is for all of his hard work to pay off and to be able to be able to travel more frequently to his mother’s hometown, Houston, Texas. 

Lucas is also involved in other activities around campus such as the Make A Wish Club, which he has been a part of for three years. Lucas is also now going onto his second year in the JSA club. Although he is dedicated to three extracurricular activities, Lucas still likes to challenge himself by taking AP classes like APUSH and APLAC. “I really enjoy being apart of The Make A Wish Club,” Lucas said. “The best part about it is knowing that all of our fundraising is going to a great cause and helping those in need.”

Andre Lucas, Writer

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Andre Lucas