How DUSD is Helping Students during the Pandemic

Andre Lucas, Co-Copy Editor

Beginning on March 16, all schools in the Downey Unified School District closed due to the Coronavirus pandemic, which has permeated throughout the United States and around the world. Classes at DUSD schools along with others across the country, as a result, have been moved from the classroom to online, yet financially struggling families are left without resources such as technology and food services, which are provided by the district during school time. Fortunately, the district is extending these services for the time being to help families in need of them, which not only shows their compassion but also earns the district praise for what they are doing to alleviate the hardships these families are facing.


One of the most significant resources to the success of DUSD students is access to the internet as well as devices such as a laptop in order to complete online school work since all schools are currently closed. To combat this issue the district has issued a device checkout as of March 17. What this does is allow students, accompanied by their parents, to check out a district-issued device at the Downey High School writing center from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. and from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. in order to grant students the opportunity to maintain academic success while school is online. Therefore, parents should have no need to worry about their children’s progress in school since the district is doing all they can to provide students with the necessary tools students need in this unprecedented time.


Moreover, for families who rely on the Free and Reduced Lunch Program the District offers on an annual basis, there is also no need to panic about what to feed or how to feed your children, for the district is continuing that program despite schools being closed district-wide. Under this program, free breakfast and lunch will be served for all k-12 students at Downey and Warren High School and at Unsworth Elementary School from 10 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. starting March 17. This is yet another example of the school district’s compassion due to the fact that they are not willing to let the financially struggling families starve while school is out of session.


Furthermore, since school is now online, how will students be able to access their work without knowing where to go? To answer this question, schools all across the district, including Downey High, have required teachers to enroll their students on Google Classroom and Remind so that their students will have access to their assignments. Thus, requiring teachers to do this is once again, is another example of how the district is aiding families during these stressful times while schools remain closed since students will know what to complete and when to complete their assignments, as they should.


Overall, families of DUSD students will overcome the obstacles and stress of this pandemic thanks to the district’s efforts to help families in need of crucial resources to navigate these tumultuous times. Had not the district stepped in to combat the issues these families are facing, then their well-being as of right now would have been questioned but because of the compassionate Downey Unified School District, it does not have to be. Had none of the services regularly offered by the district not been continued, then critics would have every right to denounce Downey Unified’s handling of the crisis, but since they are, criticism is not necessary. In fact, the district shall receive nothing but praise for their efforts.