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Should Downey High School Shut Down or Remain Open?

Catherine Quinones, Writer January 31, 2022

For the past two years, the lengthy pandemic has festered worldwide, bringing a model of uncertainty for what the future might hold. However, just as we thought we would be able to return to some normalcy,...

Astroworld Tragedy: The Show Must Go On

Catherine Quinones, Writer November 24, 2021

Cries for help rang across the highly anticipated Astroworld festival on November 5th in Houston, Texas when tragedy struck. Fifty thousand attendees hoped to watch their favorite artists perform, not...

Issues With The Dress Code

Sofia Basulto, Writer September 28, 2021

Due to the recent protests at other high schools, the topic of dress codes has been more prevalent than ever. Reactions vary from person to person, there has been a lot of support towards the movement,...

How DUSD is Helping Students during the Pandemic

Andre Lucas, Co-Copy Editor March 24, 2020

Beginning on March 16, all schools in the Downey Unified School District closed due to the Coronavirus pandemic, which has permeated throughout the United States and around the world. Classes at DUSD schools...

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