Get to know: Catherine Alvarez

Andre Lucas, Co-Copy Editor

Running for District 3, Catherine Alvarez’s inspiration comes from her discontent with AB-1482, a state measure that took effect on Jan. 1 allowing landlords to raise the cost of rent to their desired price. Although she is involved in the LA Tenants Union, Alvarez felt the need to take a step further in her advocacy for families who were being unfairly evicted by running for the city council as she was once homeless herself.


On the issue of homelessness, Alvarez thinks that the City of Downey has not done enough to aid the homeless. Aside from accommodating this demographic, she explained how she plans to create a pathway out of homelessness.


“If I get to sit in that seat, my proposition is to start looking [out] for them because they are forgotten,” Alvarez stated. “ We got to look for answers. They can work for the city, they can [rehabilitate] themselves. I can guide them. I can make an organization in the city because we don’t have anything for them at all.”


On another issue that is affecting people, Covid-19, Alvarez is cautious about reopening the city due to how contagious the virus is. However, as long as reopening is conducted safely, she supports them, especially when it comes to small businesses.

“I have seen that the small businesses are open. I’m so glad they are, but we need to check how we make it possible so that a lot of people don’t get infected,” Alvarez said. “This is going to stay for a long [time] until we get a shot or antidote for it, so we just got to work it out together.”


Another serious issue that coincided with the pandemic is social justice. In the wake of the killing of George Floyd in May, the issue of systemic racism has been a divisive one, but Alvarez has a message for voters who are frustrated by the prevalence of racism.


“I just don’t understand why there is so much hate from others. I can’t accept that,” Alvarez stated. “If we need to [fix] it, we have to do it. If I have to go out there and protest and say all lives matter… [I] got to do it.”


The city council elections are on Nov. 3. To get in touch with Alvarez, her email is [email protected].