Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh Faces Another Allegation

Andre Lucas, Co-Copy Editor

Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh faces yet another allegation of sexual misconduct since the notable allegation made against the Supreme Court Justice by Dr. Christine Blasey Ford in 2018. Now facing accuser Deborah Ramirez, who alleges Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her while she was a student at Yale University, several Democrats are now calling for Kavanaugh’s impeachment.


American Government student, Lilia Lopez, 12, gave her opinion on whether Congress should impeach Justice Brett Kavanaugh.


“I think they should,” Lopez said. “[He] is in a position of power, so he should be a role model for others and if we let this continue, we’re going to have a big problem.”


Disturbed by the accusations made against Kavanaugh, Rep. Ayanna Pressley (D-Mass.) introduced an impeachment resolution on Sept. 17, requesting an impeachment inquiry into Ramirez’s allegation, and several democratic candidates seeking the Democratic nomination for president are on board with impeachment as well.

AP Government and politics student Christina Acevedo, 12, responded to the recent news regarding impeachment, and she decided to vote for any of the Presidential Candidates calling for Kavanaugh’s removal from office.


“I would vote for them,” Acevedo stated. “Because these accusations should be taken seriously, and they’re taking [impeachment] into consideration.”


Since the process of impeaching a Supreme Court Justice is similar to impeaching a president, a majority of democrats need to favor impeachment in order to charge the justice and two-thirds of the senate needs to vote to get a conviction or remove the justice from office.


Another AP Government and politics student Benjamin Delgado, 12, stated his opinion on the likeliness of Justice Kavanaugh’s impeachment.


“I think they would impeach him,” Delgado said. “Republicans would give in because throughout history, they haven’t been able to keep a stronghold in Congress.”


Given the makeup of Congress, a Democratic House and Republican Senate, many believe impeaching Justice Kavanaugh is highly unlikely because of this, including several members of Congress from both parties; nevertheless, Congress will ultimately have to make a decision eventually on whether they will proceed with holding him accountable for his actions.


 Until then the question of Kavanaugh’s fate on the Supreme Court still remains unanswered.