Get to Know: Dalejuan Peevy

Andre Lucas, Co-Copy Editor

Considered an “underdog” in the race for city council, Dalejuan Peevy, at age 24, is the youngest candidate in this election. A lifelong resident of Downey and product of DUSD schools, Peevy feels this election is the right time to step in and serve his community as a city council member, seeking to address the issues affecting residents.


The number one issue Peevy wants to address is neighborhood safety. Despite the movement to defund the police, Peevy, who is pursuing a career with the Los Angeles Police Department, thinks the police are essential, but he is willing to work with those who do not feel the same.


“I want to make sure that everything is addressed fairly and equally… but I do support the Downey Police Department,” Peevy said. “I do not support defunding police if anything the police need as much funding as they can get to keep their community safe. The more funds, the better for this city.”


Another issue that he will address is the Covid-19 pandemic. This issue is personal for Peevy since he knows people who have lost their lives to this virus, so he believes that this issue should be taken more seriously.


“To help slow the spread of the virus, wear a mask, and stay six-feet apart and to the best of your ability, follow the CDC guidelines,” Peevy explained. “I understand social distancing can be difficult sometimes, and we all get tired of wearing a mask and wanting to go back to the normal life,  but take this stuff seriously, just don’t rush back into the normal life.”


Besides his stances on the issues, Peevy also presents himself as a unifier due to his willingness to listen to voters in district 3, which he is running for, even if they disagree.


“I have been engaging in the communities and talking to voters… and it has really been a pleasure meeting people that I’ve never met before,” Peevy stated. “Even we disagreed with each other… at the end of the day we are all brothers and sisters, and we should be able to get along and work together.”


The city council elections are on Nov. 3. To get in touch with Peevy, his email is [email protected].