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Teachers Going Back to School

Teachers Going Back to School

Sam Duque, Illustrator April 22, 2021

“It was sad thinking about all the time that’s been lost and the memories we would’ve made had it not been for the pandemic,” Calvillo explained. “The previous years at Downey were always chaotic; things and people everywhere. Everyone talking about their vacations and horrible sunburns. This time, it wasn’t the same. But being a Link Leader, there were still lost freshies so I was still able to help and my favorite part was actually being able to see everyone again in person.”

Seniors Last First Day & Freshmen’s First First Day

Maya Mercado-Garcia, Editor-In-Chief April 21, 2021

As Covid-19 numbers continue to decrease, along with the wide distribution of vaccines; Los Angeles County has remained in the red, orange, or yellow tier. This indicates that schools are permitted...

Banana Bread:

Quarantine Food Trends

Montserrat Gonzalez and Maya Guzman April 12, 2021

With a little over a year of quarantine, many have endured social isolation by picking up new hobbies such as painting, reading, and exercising, but the most popular has been baking/cooking. In the...

The Biden Administration’s Response to COVID-19

Michael Bilodeau, Writer March 23, 2021

As of March 7, it has been 46 days since Joe Biden took office as the 46th President of the United States.  Throughout his campaign as well as following his victory in the November election, Biden pledged...

The Fateful March 13

The Fateful March 13

Lauren Silva, Illustrator March 23, 2021

Students To Return To Campus On March 29th

Kelly Zabala, Lukas Luna, and Diego Martinez March 18, 2021

With COVID-19 numbers dropping, DUSD has opted to reopen schools. Students will return to campus on March 29th for hybrid learning. As things begin to approach a return to normal, faculty and staff share...

The Future of COVID-19

The Future of COVID-19

Montserrat Gonzalez, Photo Editor March 16, 2021

Back to School

Back to School

Natalia Sotomayor, Illustrator March 9, 2021

Having a career that cares for the elderly in nursing homes, Brittany Andrade, Downey resident, knew it was necessary for her to get the vaccine due to the constant proximity she had with those who were susceptible to the virus. “I do recommend the vaccine to my community, just because I might not be susceptible to the symptoms doesn’t mean those around me aren’t,” Andrade stated. “I think this is a selfless thing to do as a young person in the community, if we can do it we should do it for those who may be susceptible to COVID-19 and its symptoms.”

Vaccination: Behind The Scenes

Claudette De La Garza, Photographer February 27, 2021

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