New Staff at Downey

Andre Lucas, Co-Copy Editor

This year, the Downey High School staff welcomes its newest members to the Viking family. A few of the new employees come from diverse backgrounds, such as previously working in law enforcement, at other school districts in Southern California, or in personal training. 


Campus security guard and former police officer, Gloria Hernandez, initially worked for the Compton Police Department for 36 years though she always had a passion for working with adolescents. Starting off as an explorer at age 16, she eventually became a reserve officer. While working in the reserves, she began working for the Lynwood Unified School District part time as a security guard 20 years ago before arriving at Downey High. 


“It’s very different from [Downey], but I always wanted to come and work with kids,” she said. “But we worked for the city, responded to calls, but most importantly, [we] deal[t] with the public.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

Dean of Students, Golden Fowler worked as a Resource specialist for special education students at Cesar Chavez High School in the Compton Unified School District before working at Downey, and he gave his opinion on how he feels about his new job.


“I love it, I love Downey,” Fowler stated. “This is my fifth week and it’s been a great experience, I love Downey.”


Coach Trina Mendez currently spends her time at Downey working as a strength and conditioning coach for the athletes after working as a personal trainer for adults for over a decade, and she explained how she feels about her new job.


“I never thought I would be working with I high schoolers,” Mendez stated. “I’ve been training for 12 years, and I’ve always worked with adults, but I have never loved what I do more than I do now – working with adolescent teenagers.”


These three staff members share the notion in their experience so far that one of the most exciting parts of their job is interacting with the students who attend, respect, and love Downey High school.