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Natalie Ramirez
Initially taking photojournalism before joining The Downey Legend staff as a photographer, Natalie Ramirez, 11, devotes her time to Newspaper due to her love and passion for photography. Moreover, she not only enjoys photography, but she is also fond of painting, cooking, and traveling frequently with her family in her spare time. “[I like] to try new things and travel a lot,” she states. “I’m also very adventurous.”


Aspiring to pursue a career in either business or the medical field, Ramirez plans to attend Cal. State Fullerton since the school “Has a good medical program,” Ramirez said, “And I want to stay local.” Furthermore, she intends to study retail nursing, but she still has the idea of possibly becoming a Marketing Manager because she also possesses an interest in selling and leadership. 

Natalie Ramirez, Photographer

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Natalie Ramirez