Governor Newsom Issues “Stay at Home” Order

Andre Lucas, Co-Copy Editor

On March 19, California Governor Gavin Newsom issued an executive order–Stay at Home–in which residents are required to remain at home and practice social distancing in order to slow the spread of the Coronavirus after it has permeated throughout the state, which has reported over 8000 cases to the Center of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Out of the total number of cases in the state, 25 have now been confirmed in the City of Downey, where practicing social distancing is now more important to residence than ever.


To comply with the recent executive order, the city, under the direction of Mayor Blanca Pacheco, is taking action by closing public facilities such as Downey City Hall, Downey Civic Theatre, and the Columbia Memorial Space Center.  Moreover, the city has also canceled or postponed public events and essential services will remain open or available online to the public.


When asked about how the city is ensuring that residents are cooperating with the executive order, Mayor Pacheco gave an explanation as to why the city is taking these steps in order to overcome the pandemic.


“Compliance is important. We are reaching out to business owners and reminding residents what the orders are. We are explaining that this is for the health and safety of everyone,” Mayor Pacheco stated. “I highly recommend that everyone heed to the orders by the Governor of California and Los Angeles County orders. We will only get through this if we all comply to the orders.”


While the City of Downey is doing all it can to contain the virus throughout the community, students at Downey High School are also telling their stories on how they are complying with the State of California.


In terms of coping with the recent executive order Downey High School student Kellyn Reyes, 11, explained how she and her family are holding up during this mandatory self-quarantine and how they are staying busy while the state is doing what they can to contain the virus.


“I’m actually doing alright with the Stay at Home order,” Reyes said. “I’m doing a lot of stuff with my family like playing card board games or watching TV shows with them, so we preoccupy ourselves with family indoor activities.”


While some students are spending more time with their families and doing more indoor activities, others like Jacob Carig, 11, are engaging in more outdoor activities in order to stay active while simultaneously complying the Governor’s orders. 


“I am coping decently well with the executive order, but I miss going to school,” said Carig. “But, I’ve been playing basketball everyday outside at home to stay active.” 

Even though the “Stay at Home” order has altered the lives of California residents, this safety protocol is only temporary, and its purpose is to slow the spread of Coronavirus in order to protect not only the lives of Califronians but also the lives of Americans since the number of cases in the United States has reached over 100,000 cases. Although the cases of COVID-19 will eventually wane, the quicker people abide by the State’s orders, the quicker America and the rest of the world can overcome this virus and return to normalcy.