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Francesca Ortiz, Writer

Ready to immerse herself in a unique environment, Francesca Ortiz, 12, discusses her goal to attend New York University and begin a new life as a Business student. “The campus is a part of the city,” Ortiz stated. “It’s not a distinguished area and it blends in with the city. The transition from being a high school student to an adult makes NYU an ideal place to study at.”  


Coming into Newspaper in the beginning of the year I had no clue who was going to be in the class. It was a game of trying to make new friends and finding out who I’d spend the rest of the year with. That’s when I noticed senior Francesca Ortiz and decided that she seemed friendly and a good person to talk to. I have never been more correct in my life. Francesca is a very kind and amiable person. She has a very good sense of humor and we quickly became good friends. As the year progressed I soon found out that Francesca has a love for fashion and all things shopping. She has vast knowledge over the fashion industry and is always up to date. If you ever want to go high end shopping Francesca is your person because she knows the best spots. Going out to eat is also another one of Francesca’s favorite pastimes. Her go to is either Korean BBQ or a nice bowl of pho soup. Above all Francesca adores traveling to Los Angeles and exploring the city. Getting to know Francesca has been a wonderful experience and I am very glad to call her my friend. I know that Newspaper won’t be the last journey we embark on together and I can’t wait to see what the future entails.

-Gilberto Jijon

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Francesca Ortiz