Lara’s Food Day

Francesca Ortiz, Writer

Downey High sophomores taking chemistry/honors chemistry participated in the annual food day (Feb. 27) which relates to the topic of Stoichiometry. Students were assigned to bring in a food of their choice and to create a poster that explains the recipe.


Students enjoyed food from the many different backgrounds that represent their classroom, while learning about chemistry. Stoichiometry is the calculation of reactants and products in a chemical reaction. Both cooking and stoichiometry consider the amount of ‘reactants’ needed to make an appropriate amount of ‘product,’ or in this case, food.


Sophomore Tyler Malboeuf believes that this project shows students the similarities between cooking and chemistry.


“In both chemistry and cooking, you need to make sure your ingredients are measured to the correct number,” Malboeuf said. “It is necessary if you want to have the best result.”


Not only did students have the opportunity to show off their cooking skills,but they also had the opportunity to share their culture.


Sophomore Nikolai Rabaya brought lumpia, a filipino food, to share with his classmates. The food consists of chopped vegetables and minced meats that may vary based on background. He prepared the dish with his mother.


“It took us a whole day to prepare the ingredients,” Rabaya said. “It takes time and effort, but I want to learn to become self-sufficient.”


The process of making the food was a difficult process for some. Cooking takes skill in order to become better and this was also the case with this activity.


Cyrus Gutierrez, 11, spoke about his hardships in completing this project.


“Starting from scratch was a challenging part,” Gutierrez said. “ My food item[spaghetti] required homemade sauce that I spent a lot of time making, but I was happy with the outcome.


Food day is an event that occurs yearly in the Honors Chemistry classes and in some Chemistry classes. For more information, see Ms. Lara in room C-207.