Girls Tennis

Francesca Ortiz, Writer

On Oct. 16, the Downey High School girls tennis team took on the Warren Bears at home, during Downey vs. Warren week. This match is one of the three times that the girls will compete the Bears. The matches consisted of both singles and double teams.


Leading single player on the varsity team, senior Ashley Beltran recounts what she does in order to prepare for her tennis match.


“I assist practice as much as I can and put in the work to help improve my skills,” Beltran said. “It helps me compete confidently knowing that I am prepared to the best of my ability.”


Students at Downey High School tend to become more involved in sports during Downey vs. Warren week. Senior Angelene Leija, who is also the co-captain of the team, states that this match both motivates her and puts pressure on her and her team.


“When it is Downey vs. Warren, the girls here get more amped,” Leija said. “Since they are our rival, the girls play their best but there is also pressure because if we lose, everyone knows we lose.”


Regardless of what team is faced Alice Park ,11, agrees that tennis has taught her a valuable lesson that she could apply to other activities.


“It [Tennis] has taught me to persevere in activities outside of the sport,”  Park stated.


The girls tennis season ended on Oct. 24 against Warren at Warren High School.