21 Savage: ICE Controversy

Francesca Ortiz, Writer

Fans across social media platforms were shocked to find out that rapper 21 Savage was arrested by ICE officials on Feb 3.  The rapper, born as Abraham Joseph, was found to be born in the UK, while the public were made to believe that he was born and raised in Atlanta.


According to the reports, Joseph immigrated to the US in July 2005, entering with a visa. The visa expired in 2006, which the rapper never renewed.  The rapper was arrested at a traffic stop in Atlanta.


ICE officials claim that Joseph has a prior charge under his name. If this is true, the chances that the rapper can remain in the US are small,he would be deported back to his country of birth. Immigration officials may deport you or downgrade your status on the basis of a felony or even a non-felony conviction, depending on your current status, the type of offense, and the specific facts surrounding your case.


Boris Ortiz, a fan of the rapper still support him in the midst of this situation.


“I still can’t believe it,” Ortiz said. “This whole time we were under this belief that he was an Atlanta native – this doesn’t change my opinion on his music though.”


Joseph released an album in December, and was promoting a song called “a lot” before his arrest The song highlights his struggles in becoming who he is today. Speculation on social media platforms also lead some fans to believe he was targeted by ICE officials.


Junior Christian Shin believes that this is an unrealistic reason as to why the rapper was detained.


“I think that people are just having fun with it at this point,” Shin said. “Twitter users are extremely gullible.”


This case highlights one of the many ICE arrests that happen daily. A number of families are being seperated due to immigration issues and many people believe that having a famous person be affected by this brings attention to such a controversial issue. Senior Aldo Ruiz believes that the process that the arrests are following are unfair.


“I think it’s cruel,” Ruiz stated.“ It’s not his fault that his parents didn’t reapply for their visa”


The rapper was released from his holding cell on Feb. 13 on a bond.