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Viking Marching Band Moves to AA

Francesca Ortiz, Writer

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On Nov. 3, the Downey High School Marching Band and Colorguard competed at the Chino Band Review/Field Tournament. The band placed first in their division which qualified them to move into the AA division, the highest division a band can compete in. This is the first time that the band has been able to achieve this division under the direction of Mr. Guerrero.


Senior Jason Diaz, who has been in the program for all four years of high school, shares how he feels as a band student regarding this division promotion.


“I’m proud of the band’s achievements,” Diaz stated. “Each student plays an important role in the development of our show”.


The band performed their march entitled March of the Women Marines. Students learned the music over the summer during the marching band camp, where they also prepare themselves to place higher in each coming year.


Jeff Lucena, 12, says that the practice and work that the band put into their performances is the reason why this achievement is so important.


“We practice long hours throughout the week,” Lucena said. “In addition to this we have to worry about school work and other responsibilities.”


Competitions require the members of this program to meet at early hours at school on Saturdays. Competitions can last all day and require the students to stay into the early hours of the next day. The students involved put a lot of time into the competitions.


David Ortiz, 12,  recalls how this change in division makes him feel as a senior who has been in the program for all four years.


“The band program has helped me connect with new people and create friendships,” Ortiz said. “The fact that all of us were able to work together and reach this new level that will be remembered in years to come makes me feel proud.”


Students who are interested in joining the upcoming season should contact Mr. Guerrero located in room L-201. The band practices for field competitions Tuesdays and Thursdays after school from 5pm- 9pm. In addition to this, students practice Wednesdays after school from 3:30pm- 5pm.


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Francesca Ortiz, Writer
Ready to immerse herself in a unique environment, Francesca Ortiz, 12, discusses her goal to attend New York University and begin a new life as a Business student. “The campus is a part of the city,” Ortiz stated. “It’s not a distinguished area and it blends in with the city. The transition from being a high school student to an adult makes NYU an ideal place to study at.”
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Viking Marching Band Moves to AA