Avengers Endgame: Spoiler Alert

Francesca Ortiz, Writer

On April 24, 2019 Disney’s Avengers Endgame released in theatres. It follows the previous avengers film which was released in April of last year. Fans of the franchise bought tickets in advance in order to secure their spots due to the high demand of the film. The production has already broken multiple box office records, including that of highest opening weekend sales, at $1.2 billion.


Beginning on April 2, the online ticket sales began and Marvel fans scrambled to get their tickets. On the day of the release, most of the online vendor websites crashed, however the problem was fixed by the end of the day.


Due to the franchise’s large fanbase, it is no surprise that there was such a large demand for admission to the screenings. In addition to the opening day showings, other people aimed to get more than one ticket, to watch the movie later.


Sophomore Boris Ortiz, describes the process he went through to get at least one ticket on opening day.


“The tickets released during school time so I had to get my ticket during lunch time,” Ortiz said. “I managed to get a ticket for a late showtime, so once I got home I made sure to get another ticket for a Saturday event. I did not want to miss out on anything.”


After the first wave of people saw the film, the online community was flooded with spoilers. Social Media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and Reddit. Others took to the public to shout out spoilers. A man in Hong Kong was reportedly hurt after he decided to reveal spoilers to the line forming for the next showing of Endgame.


The people in the line became angry with the man and it is known that he required medical attention. A single photo is circulating around the web that shows someone tending to the man’s wounds.


The incident occurs after the film directors, the Russo brothers, ask fans to not share any spoilers. Was the outburst of violence justified?


Marvel fan Daniel Valdez, 12, shares his opinion on the incident that occured in Hong Kong.


“At the end of the day it is just a movie,” Valdez says. “Although the situation might have been annoying, no one should have gotten hurt.”


After watching the film on opening night, there was differing opinions on the outcome of the film. Most students agree however, that even if they were satisfied with the ending, no one deserved to get the ending spoiled.


Nicole de la Fuente,12, shares her opinion on people who spoil movies for others.


“It is not fair to anyone,” De la Fuente said. “People spend years on the production and people spend years waiting. For someone to spoil something in seconds is not cool. ”


On Monday, the official end to the spoiler ban by the Russo Brothers was lifted. Now everyone can speak freely about the ending as they wish. The franchise continues to break numerous records and continues to be a popular topic to discuss among fans. Avengers Endgame represents the most recent action happening within the Marvel Universe, and allegedly the last of the saga.