APES Students: Government Shutdown?

Francesca Ortiz , Writer

Amidst the start of the new year, the government shutdown remains in full effect in the United States. This shutdown was due to the fact that budgetary plans cannot be agreed on concerning Trump’s wish to build the famed ‘wall’, which the democratic party opposes. As the days continue to progress, a large number of federal workers are without pay — this also includes national park rangers.


The concern with this situation rises on campus due to AP Environmental Science students taking their annual trip to Yosemite National Park from Jan. 21-25. This group of students have been planning their trip since September of last year, and the recent shutdown has worried some students.


Senior Aldo Ruiz was worried that the recent activity would cancel the trip all together. He soon discovered that the trip was managed by a seperate program that was not under the national park services.


“At first I was worried,” Ruiz said. “But I discovered that our trip wasn’t affected because of the separate company that runs the trip.”


Some pictures circulating online show some of the disarray that some national parks are in currently. Images show trash littered around and people trespassing on environmentally protected areas.


Alberto Flores, 12, is outraged by the action of the people who violate and take advantage of the rules that are currently not being respected due to the lack of rangers.


“I think that people should still respect the rules. Even if they cannot be enforced, they were implemented for a reason,” Flores said. “In this time of shutdown, it is crucial that people take matters into their own hands and act in a responsible manner.”  


APES students are not letting this stop them from looking forward to this trip however. For many students this is the first time that they venture out to a national park.


However, students who are going on the trip still have high expectations and plan to make the most of their trip.


Senior Gideon Han still wants to complete a goal of his during the field trip.


“Raging to the song Yosemite at Yosemite,” Han stated.

Students will be on the trip from January 21-25. For further questions about the trip and/or class, contact Mr. Kim in room A-212.