Student Travelers

After visiting Scotland over Thanksgiving break to visit her cousin, Sam Chiccarelli, 12 hopes to travel to Italy next summer. “I can trace my family back to Italy,” Chiccarelli said. “So I would really like to travel there and get to know where my family came from.”

Francesca Ortiz, Writer

People say traveling the world is the best thing you can do, and they always recommend you do it later in life as a young adult. But a few select individuals have gotten a head start. Throughout the year, a few Downey High School students have had the opportunity to travel to some new places.


A common place for students to travel to is to the country of Mexico. With its close proximity to the United States, many students and their families chose to visit this country yearly.


Christian Shin,11, recounts his visit to Mexico. Shin makes frequent visits to the country because he has family residing there. Although he visits often, he explains that he would prefer not to return.


“The economy. Mexico is very inflated and there is a lack of middle class. It makes me pity the social structure of my people,” Shin said. “I don’t want to go back; I would prefer to visit a more luxurious place.”


Unlike Shin, there are some students who enjoy the trip to Mexico.  Senior Alberto Flores travels to Cancun every year around Christmas time. His family travels to a resort as an opportunity to spend time with each other.


“I look forward to this trip every year,” Flores stated. “It is a time where my family comes together and spends time together after our busy schedules throughout the year.”


Although Mexico is a common place for many students to travel to, there are other places that students have travelled through around the world.


Senior Aldo Ruiz traveled to Bolivia to visit his extended family. With this trip, Ruiz says that he was able to see the difference between Bolivia and the United States.


“When I travelled to Bolivia to visit my family, I was humbled by the disparity of wealth between this country and the United States,” Ruiz said.


Students will continue to travel to places this world has to offer. The question is: where to next?