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Sarah Espinoza

Sarah Espinoza, Photographer

Discussing her trip to Europe, Sarah Espinoza 12, explains how traveling has changed her perspective on taking risks and exploring new cultures around the globe. “There are so many places to see,” Espinoza said, “and people to meet!”  


Since the moment I met Sarah I knew she was going to be someone I wanted in my life. She is sweet but can have sass. She is intelligent and at times impatient. Her voice is power and her opinions are valued. Her outer shell is strong but don’t let that fool you because her heart is gentle.


Sarah has an eye for capturing the picture perfect moments. She loves traveling and admiring the beautiful landscapes of Europe. Her love for soccer is also absolutely adorable. When Sarah talks about soccer, Europe, or Chris Evans her eyes light up and she starts smiling like an excited kindergartener. Sarah’s laugh is also staright up adorable and can put a smile on anyone’s face.


There is no one who thinks like you, speaks like you, and cares like you. Your individuality is a weapon. Use it but don’t take advantage of it.

-Nicole Alvarez

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Sarah Espinoza