Cristiano Ronaldo Rape Allegations

Nicole Alvarez, Co-Editor-In-Chief

Rape, sexual assault, consentall of these words have no longer become foreign to ears. This year has circulated around the #MeToo movement which has inspired women who have been sexually assaulted to speak out and tell their truth. Unfortunately, this means even some of the most admired celebrities have been accused of rape allegations leaving their fans with a bitter taste in their mouths. This time it is praised soccer player, Cristiano Ronaldo.


The Allegations

On Sept. 27, model Kathleen Mayorga, filed a lawsuit against Cristiano Ronaldo because he allegedly raped her in a Las Vegas hotel room. The case was once opened the night of the alleged rape on June 13, 2009. The Las Vegas police closed the case due to the lack of information by Mayorga. Mayorga claims that she has decided to open up about her sexual assault story once again, due to the #MeToo movement which encourages women and men to not be afraid to share their stories. Ronaldo on the other hand stands strongly with his side of the story which is that the sex was consensual.


Ronaldo fan, Ali Ahmed, 10, expresses concern with these allegations stating that he believes it is disrespectful that someone like Cristiano Ronaldo is being accused of such a disgusting act.


“I just think its super disrespectful that somebody with his heart is being accused of something like this,” Ahmed stated, “and I think it’s just a matter of the era that we’re in where people like attention.”


Without a doubt, some of the most loved and cared for celebrities who have done impactful things for society  have been accused of rape, but do their good deeds give them a pass?


It is a controversial topic whether these women just want attention or have really gone through sexual assault but the final statement will only be known if a trial occurs.


The Documents

When the case was first opened back in 2009, there was a lack of information provided, this time it is quite the opposite. There has been talk in the media about documents stating that Ronaldo once admitted to sexually assaulting Mayorga. The documents presented by the Independent said “But she kept saying ‘No.’ ‘’Don’t do it,’” Ronaldo explained. “’I’m not like the others.’ I apologised afterwards.”


However, Ronaldo’s lawyer, Peter Christiansen argues that the documents were fabricated and hacked into. Ronaldo and his legal team continue to shut down the allegations.


There could be some truth to this being that there were reports of many law firms being hacked into around the same time of the case. However, there is another possible thing that could make Ronaldo seem even more guilty. In 2010, Ronaldo and his team received a $375,000 pay-off for his innocence. Once again, Christiansen explains that it does not show that he is guilty but that he was just following the advice from his team in order to shut down the false accusations.


Soccer player, Katherine Urrutia, 10, feels that the case should be looked into more and that if he is guilty, then he should be punished for the crime.


“I feel like if he is found guilty and is not punished for it then that will cause a lot of controversy,” Urrutia said, “because although he is extremely famous and well known throughout the world, he should still receive the consequences.”


There is a lot of further investigation that needs to be made in order to get to the bottom of what really happened that night. However, there is no confirmation that even with the evidence he will be convicted.


Admiration or Attention

Women all over the world have come out with their impactful stories but it is still a sensitive subject that many victims have trouble discussing. It is one that has kept men and women silent for years.


Alyssa Punzalan, 10, expresses admiration for the people that have shared their stories.


“I feel proud of these women for coming out about being raped,” Punzalan stated. “It takes a lot of confidence to do that, especially because their rape suspect is out there possibly watching them.”


The truth of whether Cristiano Ronaldo raped Kathleen Mayorga will eventually come out. So far there is still no core evidence that tells the public whether Ronaldo is guilty or innocent. Either way there will be a sense of loss. A sense of loss of a famous soccer player or loss of respect and admiration for a woman who claims to be an inspiration for young girls.