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Jesus Aguayo-Cerda

Jesus Aguayo-Cerda, Writer

Formally enrolled in AP U.S. History and currently enrolled in AP Microeconomics, senior Jesus Aguayo-Cerda believes that the social sciences are the least harrowing classes he has to take in his high school career. “I wouldn’t say I enjoy it; I’d say [social science] is the least painful out of the classes you have to take,” Aguayo-Cerda said. “It teaches you about different branches; it’s more vocal and not all ‘grunt-work.’”  


Despite Jesus’s obviously biblical stemmed name, Jesus is an actively assertive person. He consistently and repeatedly voices his honest and true opinion. At such a ripe age he knows who he is, what he likes and what he believes in. Jesus speaks his mind without fear of consequence. Jesus seeps bravery in an unusual sense, he doesn't jumps off cliffs nor does he stop criminals to the best of my knowledge. Instead he expresses his mind which is something that most people are too afraid to do these days.

Along with his privacy he holds his political views to heart without wavering. Jesus has such a passion for freedom of speech that he joined podcast for the freedom of voicing his opinion.

He pursues to become a politician with strong and high morals for individual choice. Jesus is an passionate writer when the subject relates back to his values. When I first met him he really annoyed me and we fought constantly but with time I got used to him and started to find his sarcasm slightly funny.

-Alexis Ortiz

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Jesus Aguayo-Cerda