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Michael Pasaye, Writer

With an unexplainable passion for water polo and writing, senior Michael Pasaye is eager to experience every last bit of high school before he heads off to college. “I’m ready to start a new chapter in my life,” Pasaye said. “Being independent and experiencing a new environment is something I’m definitely looking forward to.”  


Michael has something to him that I don’t really see in much people. He has a personality you honestly can’t dislike in anyway, even if you tried. The way he goes about school and his friends and just really life is something to truly be admired.


He rarely lets the negativity he encounters affect him. Michael always manages to find some that will make him happy, even when there really isn’t much to be happy about. Whether he plays a weird song that he likes or just wants to be around his friends, he’ll find a way to keep himself in the best mood possible which is hard for anyone to do, and yet he does it like nothing.


Micheal when it comes to his work is great. He knows how to get along with anyone he works with. I got to see this up front, as I worked with him on podcast and man was he fun to work with. When he came to podcast from being a writer, he had so many ideas that just clicked right away like “hey, that's actually a really good idea” and we all genuinely thought that he had good ideas for podcasts. I don’t think there is one idea he brought up that we turned down, and once we agreed to his idea, he made it work well. He just has a knack to spread his thoughts onto others and get them to like it.


The thing that made all of personality click is that he is s not trying to be someone he’s not. Michael is someone that will be himself no matter who or what is in front of him, and that’s what really shapes him into a great person. People get caught up in trying to get everyone to like them and being friends with everyone, but not him. He just wants to be himself, which is really what makes him such a fantastic figure and a truly enjoyable friend to have in anyone’s life.

-Enrique Jimenez

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Michael Pasaye