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Michelle Salinas

Michelle Salinas, Videographer

With strengths in design and a passion for video, Michelle Salinas, 12, hopes to show what she’s made of during her time at the Downey Legend. “I want to change something,” Salinas said. “I want to show what just a high schooler can do.”   


While me and Michelle Salinas were both newcomers to the Downey Legend at the beginning of this year, our similarities seemingly ended there. She was outgoing, funny, and friendly where I was shy, quiet, and reserved. Despite this, she jumped at the chance to write my staff bio and in the process, became the first friend I ever made in newspaper.


As a videographer, her job has been to capture the various going ons of students on campus, but she does so much more than that. Michelle uses her role at The Downey Legend to bring the staff  together. No matter how tired and jaded one might become from working on deadline after deadline, starring in one of Michelle’s videos is guaranteed to put a smile on your face. To this day, I still have vivid memories of Michelle filming my very poor attempt at the Bird Box challenge in the pouring rain.


As Michelle’s time in The Downey Legend comes to an end, the publication will be forced to say goodbye a vital glue that helped bring the staff together. No matter how gifted at their craft future videographers may be, they will always be in the massive shadow cast by Michelle Salinas.  

-Lukas Luna

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