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Adrian Soto, Writer

As vice president of Downey High School’s writing center, tutor Adrian Soto, 12, shares his passion for helping and teaching his peers. “Humans have a core motivation of being happy and making others happy,” Soto said. “For me, aiding and tutoring my peers is how I found happiness.”   


Ever since I met Adrian, he has had a passion for writing. He has gone above and beyond his essays in his previous classes. Given that, he became a tutor in the Writing Center and eventually became the vice president. Not only that, Adrian decided to join Newspaper to express his passion for writing where he can write about important things happening in today’s society, or simply write about something that occurred on campus.


Adrian is someone who not only cares about himself; he goes above and beyond to help those around him. He tutors people who need help and are struggling in classes for free, as he wants others to succeed and improve on what they are struggling in. If Adrian notices that something is wrong, he will ask them if they are ok and if they need someone to talk to, he is there.

-Brianne Galindo

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